A good sales person always has the room to grow and improve their selling skills.

This is why businesses should also focus on investing on their sales team, motivating them to learn more and research about the selling industry.

The ultimate goal will be to use all of the information gathered to get better at selling.

I know salespeople are always looking for ways to learn, especially when there are set targets breathing down their throats.

So we’ve decided to share these few tricks to help you become the best salesperson out there,

  1. Know your market

    You can’t be an effective salesperson if you do not know and understand who your customers are.

    Where do they live?
    What social media channels do they spend time on?
    What’s their favorite chilling spot?
    What problems are they facing?
    What’s the best way to solve them?

    Like really understanding what tickles their fancy.

    Understanding your market will give you the benefit of positioning your brand or service as the solution to their problems.

  2. Use data to your advantage

    Whether you’re a small company or a large one, data can add some tremendous efficiencies to the way you work.

    What should you do?

    Pay very close attention to your metrics and reports. That way, you have a clearer view on what’s working and what isn’t.

    What’s impacting your sales numbers? Why is your sales number declining?

    Data doesn’t lie, so checking your numbers is a critical component to your sales growth.

  3. Listen to your prospects

    For you to be really effective at selling, you need to listen more to your prospects.

    Focus on becoming customer-centric, and use social media to do just that.

    If you really want to sell like crazy, you need to care a lot about your prospects. Not just the surface type of care, but one that forms a stronger bond.

    That way, you’re having healthy conversations that helps build trust, loyalty and closes deals faster.

  4. Just build trust

    We get that building trust can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to sell a product or service to a customer for the first time.

    In today’s business world, it is very critical to create relationships¬†and build trust with your prospect.

    And once trust has been established, you’re much more likely to win the relationship.

  5. Help more

    One truth is, features alone can’t help the customer.

    What the customer is really keen on hearing is, “How does product X solve Y for me?”

    They just want to know how what you’re selling will highlight and address their challenges.

    Know this differentiation and rather than focus on the features alone, you should really think about what the customers stands to benefit more.

    How is this product aimed at solving one or more of their pain points?

  6. Picking the right price

    One way to do this is to do a quick research on the prices your competitor is offering.

    If the price of your product is on a high side, make sure you over deliver quality to your buyers.

    Most times, prices can be determined by the perceived value of your product.

    Therefore, if you can make your product look superior to that of your customers, you can charge higher.

  7. Effective presentations sell

    Look, selling is great!

    But presenting your product in the most creative and compelling way will help you sell x3.

    This is easy to do on a PowerPoint presentation.

  8. Cold call, but do it sometimes

    We get that cold calling potential customers can sometimes be difficult.

    Doesn’t matter if you are doing it in person, or on the phone, just make sure you’re warming that potential customer with relatable discussions.

    Even if your product is new to the market, you might actually start to get some awareness by calling potential customers.

  9. Take advantage of social media

    Social media is like a world of endless possibilities.

    It provides so many creative ways to get your product across to your customers faster than ever before.

    Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all free.

    Use them to build relationships with your customers through creative content.

  10. Have a clear sales message

    Let your message be so clear, that it tells your customers exactly what your product will do for them.

    Don’t mince words, Be specific.

    If the product you’re trying to sell has multiple benefits, create different sales messages for different customers.

    What strategies have you implemented to increase your sales? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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