If you ever thought about creating a landing page for your business, these 3 amazing elements are the things you should look out for to achieve a high converting landing page.

So, here are 3 elements that could help you achieve an effective landing page:

  1. Prove that you’re experienced: How long have you been doing this landing page thing?  What’s your background?  Or, if you offer a service, how long has it been in existence and how does it perform in the competitive environment? This is the obvious part of building trust.  You need to answer these questions in all honesty. But you’re probably already doing this.  This is what most businesses or entrepreneurs are actually good at; talking about their experience or longevity or what they’ve been doing all this time.
  2. Provide Social Truth: Don’t you just love it when people say very nice things about your business? Now before you say “but I don’t have any testimonials yet,” you need to start thinking of creative ways to provide the social proof you need to at least start the trust ball rolling. Maybe no one has used your “stuff” yet, but certainly there are people (smart, respectable people) who know you and would endorse your business or the service you provide.
  3. Be a Resource: Give your visitors the things they need. You should use this strategy on your sales pages even before you get to the transaction of email or money exchange. Be
    helpful and remain helpful. People would always remember you for this.

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