By Victoria Oladipo


5 Branding Tips Your SME needs


When it comes to branding, what many people believe is that it should be left to only big brands. What they do not know is that branding is what makes brands go from small to being the big names they now bear.


At the end of the day, you need your small business to gain visibility and to grow beyond what you expect, so how is this going to happen? By branding. Orbelo explains branding as the process of combining elements such as logos, designs, mission statements, and consistent themes throughout marketing communications to create a strong positive awareness of the company, its products or services in the minds of its customers.


For small businesses, getting your branding right will help you gain trust from your customers and also help you differentiate your brand from other brands even if the same products are being sold.




Let’s look at five branding tips your SME needs


  1. Define your brand identity: By defining your brand identity, you are able to tell a target group who and what you represent. Your brand identity should answer questions like what the core vision of your business is, what describes your business, and what value does your business bring?
  2. Building a Community; SMEs have opportunities to build a community on their social media platforms, business blogs, emails list that give their customers interesting offers and “gist” about their products.
  3. Focus on Building Great Products or Service: Do not forget that the reason you have your customers is because of your products. Improve and innovate and watch your customers do the brand talking for you
  4. Show Consistency: The secret to building a great brand is by showing up consistently. Consistency leads to familiarity and familiarity leads to trust. Customers will only stick with brands they trust and are very familiar with.
  5. Deliver Value: Value is not defined by reducing the amount a product is worth. Instead, it can be defined by excellence, product leadership or even great customer service. Ensure that your brand is doing amazing in delivering values. It gives a higher competitive advantage in the market.


Branding is just as important as the product itself. Work on your branding and see how your SME grows. Send us a message to get value for your social media and marketing branding.



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