Creativity is what we absolutely love to see and short videos can really give you more room to try out these new ideas.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Behind the Scenes

    Compile your daily process of getting the perfect Instagram content or a quick product shoot and turn it into BTS clip for your reels.

  2. Tutorials

    We all love some tips and hacks. You can share quirky IG stories, create quick graphic designs or short photo editing hacks. Basically anything your audience can learn from

  3. Food Recipes

    Short videos about food are always so nice and enticing. if you love cooking, share a 15sec on how to make a quick meal and watch people start craving.

  4. Travel

    So many people do miss the travel life for sure. To rekindle that travel fire, you can share bits of your previous travel experiences on reels while we keep our fingers crossed for the world to recover.

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  5. Beauty Routine

    Another fun Reel idea you can recreate is to give your followers a glimpse into your beauty routine. Whether it’s a morning or nighttime routine, feel free to share how beauty committed you are.

  6. Join a Challenge

    From the #DontRushChallenge to #RenegadeChallenge, online challenges have taken social media by full storm. But guess what? You can join in on the fun and share your entry on reels!

  7. DIY

    There are those days we’ve tried to fix something and we just couldn’t. Well, If you’re a creator, and a skilled one at that, you can share one or two creative DIYs for your audience.

  8. Animal Content

    Got a cute puppy or a funny cat? People love these types of contents. We love our pets and some animal facts. If you can, share some helpful tips for fellow pets’ owners, or funny video of your pet’s reaction to your favorite song.

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