Facebook has recently updated their entire layout, the user interface looks more friendly, and the best part is the Ad Center on Facebook pages.

Now, advertisers have a concise range of choices when it comes to running ads.

In this article, you’ll learn 8 Facebook advertising goals, what they mean, and how best to use them for your next campaign.

8 Facebook advertising campaign goals

What is a campaign goal?

This simply means what action you want people to take when they see your advert.

Realizing what your campaign goals are, is the first step you must take when creating a new campaign.

Facebook Ad Goals

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  1. Get more messages

    This ad goal aims at getting people to send you messages on messenger. Facebook shows your advert to prospects who are more likely to require further information before they convert. So when you’re trying to sell a product and you want customers to send you private messages to discuss about the price, quality, or delivery of the product, get more messages campaigns are ideal.

  2. Build Your Business

    If you want people to learn more about your business, this option is your best bet. Facebook will display your advert to people with the same or likely interest as your business and directs them to a landing page. E.g. Through the learn more button.

  3. Get More Website Visitors

    Want more traffic to your blog, website or app? This the the ad goal you should go for. Your advert would be charged based on link clicks. Remember to optimize your landing page for conversion results.

  4. Boost a Post

    This is one of the most popular advertisement goals on Facebook. If your goal for that advert you’re about to run is to get likes, comments or shares, Facebook will show your advert to the maximum audience each day. In less than 5 clicks, you’re good to go.

  5. Boost an Instagram Post

    This also works like the Boost a Post option, but the difference here is that you can boost an Instagram post right on your Facebook page. This works when you’ve linked your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

  6. Get More Leads

    I’m such a huge fan of the lead generation goal because it is so easy to use and can be really versatile. When you create a lead generation form, people interested in your advert can fill the form (capturing their contact details like email addresses and phone numbers). In essence, you can use this ad goal to build your email list, drive downloads, or give exclusive access to discounts.

  7. Promote Your Page

    This objective is super straightforward. Promote your page and get more likes. Simple!  This is only available for your Facebook page (Not available for Instagram). With this goal, you can optimize your Facebook page likes but you may be charged for impression or likes depending on your bid.

  8. Get More Calls

    This advert goal is pretty self-explanatory and serves its purpose. Great for promoting your business to get more calls from prospects interested in what your selling or the services you’re rendering.

    Develop a habit of testing out different campaigns to determine what works and what doesn’t. What advert goal would you be testing first?

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