By Victoria Oladipo


For many SMEs, content marketing has been something that they don’t take seriously. The importance of content marketing to your small business cannot be overemphasized. It is a form of strategic marketing that is focused on creating and distributing value, through consistent content to attract and retain a target audience and to convert to a profitable action.


Content can come in the form of a blogpost, an email, a video or social media. With the rise in social media marketing, there is always a need for business owners to prepare relevant content marketing strategies that would give them the visibility they want to gain or attain for their businesses. It helps in increasing the volume of the amount of traffic that is needed on a website or social media page.


One of the major importance of content marketing is that SMEs can provide information about relevant products that their audience would need. As SMEs, it is very important to prioritize an online presence as the world is largely digital unlike the traditional means of marketing.


You ask yourself questions like: What information would I like my audience to know about this product? What product tips would be helpful to my audience? Why do I want my audience to use this product? Providing answers to these questions can be content formulated to be shared to the target audience. People would eventually patronize who they get important information from.


Good content has the ability to pull people outside your audience into your audience. It is important for SMEs to understand the need for good content. Good content promotes the image and value of your brand. It is very important for customers to know the representation of the brand – what the brand stands for. More information about brands is obtained through good content and which is what content marketing does in brand image and representation.


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Another importance is that content marketing helps you to stay in touch with your customers. It enables you to understand the needs of your customers and address them accordingly. Customer feedback on content is actually what makes brands know that they are doing well and what they are doing very differently. It helps brands become better and provide quality service that would address the needs of the customers.


Finally, Content marketing has a very good return on investment on brands and is very cost effective. To also keep your customers intrigued with your content, there is a need to change the type of content you provide to your customers according to their preferences. Remember you are not serving yourself, you are serving them.


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