Over the past one year, we’ve seen Instagram make exciting changes to its platform.

From being able to invite multiple persons to a live session, to launching reels, Instagram shopping and a few other things.

So, here are 3 easy ways to grow and monetize your Instagram account.

#1 – Become an Instagram Influencer

Your unique brand preposition, content type, audience, and niche can really determine if you’ll succeed at influencing.

As an influencer, you’ve become a person that naturally drives conversations around topics.

You’ve got the backing of your community, by building trust and increasing engagement.

No brand can really compete with that.

This is why brands partner with influencers to tap into that trust and engagement influencers have with their audiences.

Becoming an influencer means that you can work with brands and create sponsored content for them.

Share reviews on products or services, drive engagement through contest, or any other creative activity you can put forward.

Because these types of partnerships with brands are obviously sponsored, make sure you’re not over doing it, otherwise you will lose you audience trust.

How do you plan to charge as an influencer? – Well that will depend on the deliverables you’ve set out to achieve with the brand.

#2 – Create Your Own Instagram Shop

Instagram has attracted all kinds of creators to its platform – so you’re not just going to see pictures of people on vacation or at parties, you’ll also stumble on pictures that display items for sale.

Products? Services? Merch? All of these can be sold on Instagram.

If your plan is to sell several things, I strongly suggest that you set up an Instagram shop.

It’s an easy integration that allows you add product tags to your Instagram stories and posts so that people can easily¬† shop for those items right there on Instagram.

Remember, this only works on an Instagram business account.

Make sure you have an approved Facebook shop, link your Facebook page to your Instagram account and have it all set up for free.

#3 – Become a Coach

Coaching is one of the most profitable business idea on Instagram.

Having a beautifully laid out Instagram feed gives you the leverage to attract more followers, increase your audience size and even reach more potential clients.

Coaching has so many positive effects for people.

Once you portray yourself as someone with valuable skills, knowledge and experience in a particular niche, you can help others identify and develop their own skills.

As an Instagram coach, you’ll create paid coaching sessions and work with people closely.

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