Do you remember starting out your career? Who was your first boss and how was your relationship with them? I’m pretty sure you didn’t learn how to have an effective and successful relationship with your boss from the beginning. Because that’s not something your company teaches you. You learn that through experience — and, sometimes, through mistakes.

Some of those mistakes can really cost you a lot on your career advancement, so is it okay if I try to help you avoid them by showing you some strategies right now and as quickly as possible? The truth is, when you are building trust with your boss, you need to respect his or her time, and most especially their space. They would in turn trust you implicitly. Your boss has to have complete faith in your ability to deliver 100%.

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This trust is the bedrock of your relationship. Build it from scratch and re-instill it on a daily basis.  Do not ever waste their time. Bosses are busy people, and so many employees don’t understand this. Don’t choke them by interrupting their conversations with other people, don’t invade their privacy. You’d just be shooting in the wrong direction. Schedule meetings and stick to time. Always remember, time is of essence so be punctual, and don’t go over board.

At this stage of your career, I’m very sure you have your own strong opinions about your current boss (For every boss I worked with, I always had a solid and unique opinion about them). My joy is that you’ll put these proven strategies into practical use, as they will help you climb the ladder of success faster in your chosen career. I wish you all the success you deserve in your career journey!

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