I’m sure we have all heard about the new UK Visa points based immigration system that is due to be implemented from 1 January 2021. 

According to Legal Expert and Director of Workpermit, Sanwar Ali,

”There are numerous criticisms of the new UK visa points based system, one of which is, If low skilled workers are not allowed into the Country under the new system, this is likely to mean serious skills shortages”.

It is for a fact that the new points based system will not be functional until next year 2021.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary, unveiled the UK’s new points-based visa and immigration system on 19 February, 2020.

The new immigration process will require migrants to score a minimum of 70 points.

According to a recent government statement,

The new system, was remodeled based on the immigration system in Australia, designed with the aim of creating a ‘high wage, high skill, high productivity economy’ in the UK.

‘For too long, distorted by European free movement rights, the UK’s immigration system has been failing to meet the needs of the British people. Our approach will change all of this,’ the statement continued.


The New UK points-based system

Under the new system, individuals can get awarded with points based on meeting certain criteria, some of which are mandatory:

According to the new UK Immigration rules, highly skilled workers can immigrate to the UK without a job offer, provided they are endorsed by a ‘relevant and competent professional body’.

Furthermore, If a job with a salary in this range is on the shortage occupation list, or a visa applicant has a PhD-level degree, they can still come to the UK.

This simply means lower earners such as nurses could still qualify for a UK visa due to staff shortages.

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