We had the pleasure of interviewing Blessing Abeng, CMO & Co-founder of Disha, a platform that helps creators build a one-page site in minutes from their smartphones.

She is a branding and communications expert dedicated to helping creators identify their value, and unique point of view.

Blessing helps brands communicate with their team, target audience, partners, and investors. She creates unforgettable experiences that reflect the personality of brands and convert strangers to loyal customers and community members.

TFA: What was the concept or idea behind Disha?

BA: As creators in careers and business, we recognized the needs and challenges our fellow creators were facing especially when it came to – showcasing their work.

We decided to put together a platform that delivered on form and function by creating beautiful and excellent tools for creators, that did not require technical expertise.

We started with a signature platform and then went on to create a link-in-bio platform.

Our users experimented with the platform and created – resume pageswebsiteslink aggregatorsbio pages, and so many dynamic one-page sites and we decided to enable them by birthing our golden child – Disha Pages, a platform that helps creators build one-page sites in less than 15 minutes for free, to showcase their work.

It worked because – We know and understand creators, they are us.

Check out amazing platforms created by Dishans here.

How disha is building and empowering an ecosystem of creators

TFA: What products/services does Disha offer?

BA: The main product is Disha Pages.

The first tool we created was a signature platform.


TFA: Tell us about the unique features on Disha and why creators need to get on board.

BA: Oh my! Where do I begin?

Apart from the fact that you can build a beautiful, customizable one-page site in 15 minutes and use it for free for life, you can link to multiple pages, embed your YouTube video, showcase images, get analytics, access a great community of creators and resources.

The best part is, if you decided to go PRO.

You can enjoy unlimited carousels, unlock unlimited elements, get even more comprehensive analytics, integrate google pixel, add unlimited videos and the holy grail – connect custom domains and SSL.

TFA: How would you describe Disha to a potential client?

BA: Disha is a platform that helps creators create a one-page site in minutes from the comfort of their smartphones.

Our users have described it as the best, dynamic and the only link-in-bio platform for creators, the Canva for one-page sites, Wix for dummies, so many interesting descriptions.

We are curious to hear you describe Disha when you use it.


TFA: Where do you see Disha in the next 5-10 years? 

BA: Creating for Creators and empowering them with tools to ensure that they can create platforms to enable their dreams in even shorter time frames.

We are catalysts for creators and in years to come, that’s all we’ll be doing – catalyzing the creators’ ecosystem.

Check Disha on Social Media:

Website: disha.ng

Twitter: @getdisha

Instagram: @getdisha

Facebook: Disha HQ

LinkedIn:  Disha HQ


Connect with Blessing Abeng:

Twitter: @ms_einsteinette

Instagram: @ms_einsteinette

Facebook: Blessing Abeng

LinkedIn: Blessing Abeng


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