We are in an era where users of smart phones, tablets, and PCs are greatly impacting sales and increasing the measure of purchase. Indeed, digital buyers are likely to return to make a purchase if the process from buying to the final transaction is seamless.

Smart phones are fast becoming a factor that influences shopping and buying habits of consumers globally. About 55% of online transactions in 2017 were made with multiple devices.

Consumers are constantly downloading more retail apps to their smartphones compared to how shopping was done decades ago. Online retailers that currently offer a wide range of mobile services, including a functionality that caters to online transactions both in mobile site and in apps, saw an unprecedented increase of 65% of transactions, which were made on their app, as opposed to 55% of transactions made on their mobile site. Most regular shoppers browse and research on their smart phones but are now purchasing items with them through apps.

To foster the idea that people need to buy things from their smartphones, retailers must make the entire shopping process easy for their customers.

That means having a fully optimized websites, a seamless check out process with few steps, and a fully personalized merchandising. If your business doesn’t have a very solid presence online, you’re likely to be losing out on a lot of sales. Creating an avenue to accommodate the dire needs of mobile users could end up being the perfect cash inflow your organization needs right now.

As mobile sites become more and more optimized, with accurate screen sizes, it’s now easier for shoppers, especially the regular ones to complete the purchase on their smartphones, which will instantly drive the numbers of mobile commerce up in the coming years.

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