Don’t get it mixed up. The efforts you make in driving traffic and increase your ranking on search engines is often confused with those for increasing conversion rates for your website. But now that user experience is improved and fast becoming a criteria for search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, these are now becoming a complementary process in promoting and marketing your business.

The efforts you put into SEO won’t ruin conversions on your site. And your CRO
(conversion rate optimization) strategies won’t harm your search either. When creating your marketing plan, you might want to consider creating different pages for
different stages of your conversion funnel. This would depend on the strategy you create and your business’s needs, you might also find yourself designing SEO-focused pages in correlation to CRO-focused pages.

Photo by Carlos Muza

Changing your focus means a change in content. You would now produce contents that are valuable to your niche, and would get your site rank better rather than creating content to convert your visitors in to buyers immediately. As you create each page, it should have a goal towards micro or macro conversions, displaying soft CTAs (calls to action) or hard CTAs. You might start to wonder if your SEO-focused content is going to interfere in these conversions. Not too worry, it won’t.

As Google’s algorithms focus on predicting and addressing visitors’ behavior online, great opportunities arise to combine your SEO and CRO strategies for a powerful marketing campaign.

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