A lot of us have Internet favorites.

That is, people we admire from afar.

Well, I have something for you.

These faves are definitely doing something right. They offer value They are authorities in their various fields.

You see their work and you aspire to be more than just an Instagram or Twitter follower.

  1. Sending them a DM to say you admire their work and would like to be friends won’t cut it.

    They already have a lot of people telling them the same thing. The ones that have time will say thank you and move on.

    Their time is money.

    The worst is the ones that just DM them with “Hey”
    LOL that means what? You will likely sleep there.

  2. Get familiar with their story; Do your research. Something they put out 5 years ago that impacted you.

    In other words, when you have an opportunity to engage, mention it.

    It will get their attention. Trust me. I have done it. It works.

    For example: “Steve Harris, that book you wrote in 2013 changed my life”
    If you want to be extra, quote one or two lines.

  3. Make sure you’re in a place where you’re already offering value.

    Even though you’re not an authority in your field yet, be sure to be offering value.

  4. Engage with them online!!

    Share their posts, join their live videos If you can afford, patronize them.

    Let you comments stand out so it won’t drown in the flood of other vague comments.

    If you can ask a question that will make them think and reply you, perfect.

  5. Once they notice you, don’t be quick to ask them to be your mentor.

    You’ll just ruin everything.

    Keep engaging, even though it’s in the DMs, keep appreciating for the value they offer.

    Have conversations of interest.

    Remember to be genuine because people see through fakeness.

  6. Politely ask for their input or constructive criticism on what you’re working on.

    For example, ”Good evening, Steve Harris. I just wrote an Ebook and I was wondering if I could get constructive feedback from you if it won’t be too much trouble”.

    The above shows you value their opinion.

  7. If they take their time to go through your stuff and see that you’re serious, they will give feedback and that alone has opened more windows for conversations.

    Similarly, the more you engage, the more the relationship has been established.

    Don’t ask for Mentorship just like that.


  8. It will happen naturally.

    I applied all this and now I can brag that I know MomentsWithBren personally.

    She’s been such a blessing to me and I love her so much!

    Try it and let me know.
    It takes time.
    Don’t rush.

    If you value that relationship, put in the work.

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