Being very conscious with your money is far beyond working, paying the bills and just generally trying to make ends meet.

You live better when you plan your money better.

This doesn’t generally mean you need to have some financial skills or experiences, it is really about the basics.

Like how do you spend your money? How do you allocate money to your priorities? How do you save your money?

When you plan better with your money, you are able to make certain purchases, afford some expenses, and just live your life without any money problems.

Simple Ways To Plan Your Money Better

  1. Always create a budget

    A lot of people avoid budgeting because they see it as a long and boring process of listing out expenses and allocating their cost.

    Honestly, you have no excuse with budgeting.

    How else do you want to keep track of your expenses?

    Think about all the value and ease budgeting will bring to your overall monthly or weekly spends – that should give you the right motivation to creating a budget.

  2. Spend less than you make

    Look, this is the time to cut down on expenses that literally don’t add value to your life.

    If it ain’t necessary, don’t buy it.

    This is how you spend less than you make.

    Keep your expenses on a minimum – buy only what you need.

  3. Save more than you spend

    How can you do this?

    It’s simple.

    You can allocate a percentage of your monthly income in a savings account plan.

    Some financial institutions have these saving opportunities, so you may need to check for that.

    But what is important is that you’re saving consistently.

  4. Invest wisely

    This is to further state that, while saving consistently is good, investing a portion of your income can actually be even better.

    Stocks, bonds, real estate etcetera.

    Just make sure to do your due diligence before committing.

  5. Use budgeting apps

    Keeping up with your finances can be quite complicated.

    There are a lot of budgeting apps to uncomplicate them for you.

    Some of these tools are free, like mint and pocket guard and they will show you ways to manage money as well as do all the hard budgeting and computational work for you.

  6. Appreciate and value money

    Because you earn a steady or a fat income does not mean you have to live lavishly or flamboyantly.

    Your mindset should always choose to appreciate and value money because it would give you the foundation you need to succeed.

  7. Pay your bills on time

    This is very important.

    Never ever allow your bills to pile up.

    They could run into debts and worst case, you may lose your properties. If you can, set a reminder for due dates to pay bills.

    When you pay your bills on time, you have clarity to focus on any other expenses.

    It is just the right thing to do.

  8. Believe you can make it

    We are back to mindset again.

    Because it is everything.

    Believe you can hit your financial goals, and you will.

    This goes to cultivating a habit of financial discipline, building self-confidence and living life with no regrets.

What else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments.

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