We had the opportunity and pleasure to interview the highly knowledgeable and delightful John Lieber. In addition to being an ecologist and urban planner, John is a LEED AP (BD+C) and ISA Certified Arborist. He has participated in wide range of environmental planning project across all sectors. He is currently working with the City of Toronto but also consults.

TFA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

JL: I’m an ecologist, urban planner, and sustainability advocate. I work with the City of Toronto but also consult with my firm Jungle Capital.

TFA: What inspired you to become an ecologist?

JL: The source of so much heartache in the world comes from the mismanagement of natural resources. I want to reduce that heartache and change the narrative of human beings from a destroyer of nature to a creator of it.

TFA: What do you think a person can do to help the environment?

JL: Fill every space they command with plants. Vote for environmental leaders. Donate to non profits. Be optimistic.

TFA: What are some of the environmental projects you have taken up?

JL: I have wrote Op-Ed’s such as my piece “Urban Ecology: A Bright Future for Sustainable Cities” in Revelator News, participated in high profile urban planning projects such as Toronto’s Parkland Strategy, and was invited to the United Nations Climate Action Summit by the Secretary General for my Natural Based Solution contribution titled “Ecology Positive Cities Framework” which incentivizes plants on and within buildings.

TFA: In one statement, what message do you have to the coming generation?

“Do what you can where you can. Care for life and create new life. Sacrifice consumption for discipline. Dream bigger. Out work those with bad intentions. Embrace positivity and self love. Learn how things around you operate. Get rich, Get powerful and then change what needs to be changed” – jOHn lieber

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