Isn’t it exciting that we are seeing more from Snapchat?

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, Snapchat has been dishing out some useful resources to help people in these trying times.

Recently from Snapchat was the launching of a mental health resource center – “Here for You“, a psychological well-being resource center to help individuals encountering emotional crisis or mental health.

This feature provides individuals with pertinent updates from the World Health Organization, the CDC, Crisis Text Line, NHS, and different partners, connections to significant resources, and activities to assist individuals with adapting to anxiety and stress.

Now, to the latest Snapchat update, advertisers, agencies and organizations who are continually attempting to stay on to of Snapchat advertising, a new learning portal called ‘Snap Focus‘ is here to makes things simple for you.

As clarified by Snapchat, “The Snap Focus educational plan highlights six courses that will give you a primary comprehension of Snapchat, the Snapchat Generation, advertising methods and opportunities, how to convey media and creative campaigns in Ads Manager, and innovative best practices.”

You can either decide to finish the whole certification or focus on the courses that is of great importance to you.

Also, prepare to have your mind blown. It’s totally free.

Happy learning!

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