So you made it to the new year and you’re super pumped-up and ready to give it a good shot, well, that’s the energy we all want to see in 2021.

There’s a good chance that, how you mentally start the new year would ultimately impact how you end it.

There’s power in your mindset.

We’ve seen a couple of “hot takes” on social media lately about new year resolutions, we call them hot takes because that’s what they are – a hurried response to simply get attention.

The thing about New Year Resolutions is that it starts with a single step. And that step entails writing what your goals are.

It is obviously a mundane thing to start the New Year bland – without a plan, a vision, or a roadmap.

If you’re like us, who takes growth seriously, a new year can be another opportunity to achieve something new.

So in a nutshell:

New Year Resolutions = Realistic Goal Setting.

It is okay to start the year with a couple of things you’ve set out to achieve, a new house, a new job, a new car, a weekend getaway in your dream country, or maybe a new business.

If you make these plans realistic enough and you follow through with focus and discipline, you will win.

So, we strongly recommend that you create your resolutions – a realistic plan and make it happen.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in 2020, it’s the power of consistency and what it can do for you as a person when you’re zealous to succeed!

So, here are our recommendations you should follow in the new year:

  1. Write down your goals. Small, achievable and realistic goals
  2. Have a journal or a guide you take with you everyday.
  3. Celebrate your small wins. Oh yeah! When you’ve achieved one of your goals, give yourself a pat on the back – you did well.
  4. Review and track your goals. That’s one legit way to stay on top of your growth and progress. If you don’t track, you may never know where you stand.
  5. Be flexible to change your goals when they don’t align. That’s right – change is constant and the world keeps evolving, so you should be adaptable to change.
  6. Keep your head tight in the game, focus – neglect distractions, be consistent and you’ll win.

Do these things and you’ll look back by the end of the year with nothing but wins.

Looking forward to all your feedbacks in the course of the year.

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