The Fifth Alley and Mentor Africa Foundation Announce Strategic Partnership

The Fifth Alley and Mentor Africa Foundation announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will provide a 2-day exclusive bootcamp to young professionals who would like to start a career in marketing in 2022.


The partnership brings together The Fifth Alley’s expertise in corporate career training and Mentor Africa’s connection to young professionals across Africa.


Through this partnership, both companies will leverage a perfect synergy focusing on empowering young professionals with the marketing roles and skills that are in demand in the tech industry, as there has been an unprecedent growth for talent within that space.


“This partnership will help us reach out to young adults seeking a non-tech career role in the tech industry, empowering them with the knowledge they need to make informed career decisions. Africa is positioned for growth and with strategic partnerships such as this, we can increase global demand for African talent,” said May-May Ogoigbe, CMO at The Fifth Alley.


In the bootcamp, participants will:


1.  Understand the various marketing roles that are in demand in the tech industry

2. Learn the skills to improve their resume and secure their dream job

3. Know the importance of marketing in an organization

4. Learn how to be confident in presenting marketing ideas

5. Create a solid personal brand to attract potential recruiters

6. Join an interactive and supportive community

7. Be a part of a fast-growing industry

8. Get certified.


“At Mentor Africa Foundation we’re dedicated to helping Africans achieve their full potential by connecting them with mentors and providing opportunities for career and personal advancement. In this light we’re excited to continue improving employability through initiatives and partnerships like this,” said Joyce Onyinye Chuks, Business Development Lead at Mentor Africa Foundation.


About The Fifth Alley:  The Fifth Alley is in the business of helping B2B and B2C markets grow in impact and revenue through exceptional marketing initiatives.


About Mentor Africa Foundation:  Mentor Africa Foundation is a not for profit built by Africans to provide an enabling environment for young Africans to achieve their full potential by equipping them with tools for personal and professional advancement across industries, countries and languages.





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