The Fifth Alley and Skillup Africa Announce Strategic Partnership

The Fifth Alley and Skillup Africa are happy to announce a partnership to host an exclusive webinar that is aimed at providing knowledge to young professionals that will like to explore their interest in the Tech community but do not have a background in Tech.


The partnership combines The Fifth Alley’s experience in corporate career training with Skillup Africa’s mission of supporting young Africans in learning widely accepted skills in the Tech industry and linking them to opportunities.


Due to the unprecedented growth in talent within the Tech industry, both organizations will benefit from an ideal collaboration that focuses on equipping young professionals with the necessary skills that are in demand in the Tech industry.


Due to the world’s extensive shift to digital technology, Tech skills are highly sought nowadays. To keep up with this trend, every company is attempting to digitize and rebrand its goods and services.


The goal of this partnership is to provide support and resources to the academy so it can continue to operate and provide opportunities for people in need. This partnership will also help to raise awareness about the work that these companies are doing and the impact they are having on the lives of those they serve.


“We believe that Skillup Africa is filling an important gap in the African ecosystem by providing quality skills training to young African professionals. We are excited to be partnering with them to help amplify the stories of Africa’s rising talents.

We want to empower their community to become more self-sufficient and ultimately look beyond not having technical skills to creating opportunities for themselves where necessary” said Bisi Olajide, Head of Marketing and Business Development at The Fifth Alley. 


In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Understand the various Tech roles that non-technical skills can fill.
  2. Learn the necessary skills required to assume these roles.
  3. Identify the many tactics for presenting their background as a strength in the tech sector.


“We are happy to partner with The Fifth Alley on this impact journey of empowering talented young Africans with globally viable skills.

As a group of experienced marketing professionals creating digital solutions for businesses, we believe this partnership with The Fifth Alley will greatly enhance the skillset and knowledge base of our community” said Yusuf Balogun, Program Manager at Skillup Africa. 


About The Fifth Alley: The Fifth Alley is in the business of helping B2B and B2C industries increase their presence and revenue through outstanding marketing initiatives.


About Skillup Africa: Skillup Africa is a digital skills empowerment initiative that creates a platform for knowledge sharing between those who know and those who need to know while also connecting those who want to work to those who need them. 


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