Mistakes happen very often on this social media space.

Some people believe that growing a social media account to a reasonable amount takes only a few days.

Others think social media is all about interaction, connecting with people and building relationships.

Truth is, there are so many misconceptions with social media and what it does (or can do).

What I do know is, you need a good strategy to grow and manage any social media account.

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But first, what are those mistakes to avoid?

  1. Follow to unfollow: When you follow to unfollow, what exactly is the aim? What is the purpose of that one single action? Incase you didn’t know, when you keep doing this, you’re flouting the policies guiding the social media space, and this will gradually take a toll on your engagement.
  2. Ghosting: Ghosting on social media means inactivity. Simply put it as disappearing. Or in many cases it means an inconsistent presence on social media. Today you make one post, and the next time you’re seen active is 30 days later. Remember, the algorithm favors consistency and you need the algorithm on your side.
  3. Spammy comments: Now that you’ve decided to become active on social media, should there be any reason to force engagements by using bots to like and comment on posts? absolutely not. Doing this makes your social media account lose credibility and value. At the worst case, you may actually have your social media account blocked.
  4. Repeated content: Posted it once and it didn’t get traction, so you posted and kept posting it again? Well, what’s the assurance that would bring about the engagement you’re looking for? Your followers don’t need to hear from you every second. Give room for your content to travel far, be consistent and stick to a content time frame.
  5. Not being social: The best way to use social media is to be social. You’re supposed to have fun with the experience, share your journey, learn and inspire others. Yes, you can use social media to get a job, meet business professionals, or find the love of your life. The point is you should be social, find new ways to have fun and connect with amazing people.

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