Twitter is updating its platform to accommodate a new feature that allows users to record audio snippets of their voice and append them to their tweets.

The new feature is already accessible first on iOS.

According to Twitter’s Maya Patterson and Rémy Bourgoin blog post entry, “Most times 280 characters isn’t sufficient and some conversational vibes are lost in interpretation. So we’re trying another feature that will add a progressively human touch to the manner in which we use Twitter — your own one of a kind voice.”

Maybe you already have access to it, you’ll see a waveform symbol adjacent to the camera symbol when creating a tweet.

Tap that, and a red record button shows up at the base of the screen, which you can tap to begin recording your message.

Each voice tweet goes for as long as 140 seconds.

If you have more to say, continue talking.

When you arrive as far as possible for a tweet, another voice tweet begins naturally to make a string of voice notes.

Another minor thing to note is that whatever your profile picture is, at the point you record a sound will consistently be joined to that sound tweet.

You can listen to sound tweets just by hitting the play button.

It’s that simple!

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