Everyone these days keep asking the same questions

Are blogs still important in 2021?

Is it relevant to spend time, money and effort in creating a blog in today’s social media space?

The answer to all of these questions the answer is yes!

But first let us make sure we note these three things:

  1. Blogging is about long-term – It is about creating meaningful relationships that will pay off over time.
  2. Blogging is about sharing topics that are interesting and can add value to your audience – Simply put that blogging is the ability to give valuable advice over the internet.
  3. Blogging, of course takes time to create long form posts, but at the end of the day, it is about talking to your customers and building conversations.

The truth is, customers are now very smart.

They do not have so much time to spend on content that do not add value to their lives.

Only when you offer your readers something valuable to read that you’ll be able to get their attention and start a conversation.

Creating unique content

Never ever make the mistake of repeating the same content every time.

Your readers would know and that would definitely get them irritated.

So how do you create unique content?

It is simple!

Don’t forget to read a lot.

There are a lot of unique ideas for your blog that you can get from reading.

You need search engine optimization

For SEO, blogs are still relevant till tomorrow.

Of course there might be other ways to increase your SEO ranking, but building a Blog is one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO score. 

How are blogs able to do this?

Blogs help rank your website for specific keywords. 

Churning out blog post with different keywords can allow you to optimize your website and attract various audiences.

If you are a sports company,  you may want to rank for keywords like “top 10 footballers of 2020” or  “highest paying athletes of the decade” on several blog posts.

This makes sure that you are really penetrating your target audience.

Become better at Copywriting

One of the most valuable skills to learn in 2021 is copywriting.

If you can persuade people by the things that you write, you will never lack money. 

I need you to spend time learning copywriting because it would be a good investment that you can make for yourself.

In summary,  blogging is not dead. 

It just keeps evolving.

It may be harder now because everyone is literally trying to fight for the number one spot on Google, but there are so many benefits with blogging, and I think if you don’t have a blog today, you need to take a first step and create one.

If you do things the right way you will see growth in 2021 and beyond.

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