Are you a new startup or an established business? You are undoubtedly harnessing the effect of the internet to carry out daily tasks to market your business. By seamlessly impacting certain aspects in your business, you can focus more of your time and energy on growing. Just as humans develop from childhood to adulthood, businesses are expected to transform from taking baby steps to giant strides.

We certainly understand that it takes a lot of time for most business owners to research for online tools that can help simplify their businesses. Sometimes, people make the mistake of going for tools that are trending, rather than going for what will really add value to their business.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of 5 free tools that you should consider using that can really help your business grow online:

  1. Hootesuite: The truth is – your business needs to be super active on social media. No social media, no business! Take it as it is. It’s not even an option, it’s a necessity. With quite a number of notable social media platforms, wouldn’t it be wise to improve your social media management as simple as it can be? Likewise business owners, they need to carry out several projects while multitasking daily.

2. SlackWe totally love slack! We recommend it a lot to fellow entrepreneurs and we’ve got nothing but positive feedback. There quite a number of top companies that use Slack and we consider it to be a must have tool for business growth. In our honest opinion, when it comes to a better team communication tool, Slack tops our list.

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3. Dropbox: Want you and your team to access all your files on any device? Laptop, desktop, smartphone etc, from anywhere in the world and share them with anyone you choose, think Dropbox! Business growth comes when you are able to carry out even the tiniest tasks seamlessly. For example, accessing documents and files, it takes out a lot of wasted time. If you haven’t taken advantage of the free plan on Dropbox, which gives you 2GB of Storage space, you’re seriously missing out.

4. Mailchimp: Talking about emailing campaigns, newsletters, and other juicy contents, Mailchimp is your go-to platform. Mailchimp is an email newsletter platform that is used by over 6 million people. There is however, a free plan that allows you to send newsletters to 2,000 subscribers and less than 12,000 emails per month (Which in all honesty, can be unlikely when you are just starting out). We highly recommend using Mailchimp.

5. WordPress: Once you’ve created your website and everything is set up, you should install a CMS platform which your contents and web pages will stay. WordPress, which was originally a blogging platform, is one of the most popular web solution in existence today. Many bloggers around the world use and recommend WordPress. Want to know the best part? It’s completely free to use. Use WordPress for any type of website, but if you’d like to create an e-commerce store, there are other options you can consider.


Are you starting an online business? Which of these tools are your favorite? Do you think we should add more? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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