By Victoria Oladipo


With social media marketing, it is always exciting to put out your products or services. As much as this excitement occurs, it is also important to note that not everything is suitable for your brand. You would need to sieve what you want from what you don’t have to do with social media marketing.


Social media needs to be an integral part of a small business marketing plan. However, unlike many other marketing initiatives, tracking social return on investment can be a bit tricky, and common mistakes on social media  can negatively impact results.


Here are some mistakes you should avoid as a brand on social media:


1. Do not misuse Social Media


Do not use social media anyhow. Avoid doing things that do not speak about your brand. What you should use your social media to do is to connect with your existing customers and get potential customers. The Manifest reported that 74% of consumers follow many businesses on social media and 96% of them interact with the brands they follow. It is important to know that on social media, your brand needs to be known for the service it is delivering before anything else.


2.  Lack of Personality


Your social media, while it is a brand, must have a personality. Many customers want to feel like they are interacting with a brand that can understand what they need and how they want it delivered. It is important that you approach customers on a personal level.




3. Jumping on Every Trend


Trends are important but not all trends will work for your brand. There is always going to be a trend on social media. What you just have to do is to see which one would help your brand’s growth and get it to work for you. Do not hop on every trend.


4. Avoiding Feedback


This is what many brands do. Ignoring feedback, whether good or bad, is not a great position for your brand. Irrespective of what is being said, your social media page must be able to answer questions about your brand, you should be able to provide solutions to customers questions.


5. Followers Growth over Engagement


Followers are important but what is the essence of having a large followers count without the necessary engagement. It’s important to aim for quality over quantity. To attract followers, brands are especially to push out content that would maximize engagement. By posting the right content at the right time, there’s surely going to be an increase in followers and would generate engagement.


Conclusively, if you are just starting out on social media management for your brand, it is possible that you make these mistakes, but the more you understand these mistakes the less likely you are going to repeat them.


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