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By Victoria Oladipo


There is a current rise in the use of video content for content creation and for sales. Several statistics have been made for video content. 87% of marketers have said that Video content has helped them increase traffic and generate more users to their products 

Creating video content is a form of marketing that uses videos to promote and inform people about your product or service which is a good idea.

It boosts engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and gives you a new way to reach out to them.

Tiktok and Instagram reels have a bigger push for video content recently. Meta introduced reels to Instagram and it acted as a competition to TikTok.

According to TechCrunch, Meta introducing reels to Instagram has been one of the fastest growing content formats so far and has been one of the huge contributors to Instagram and is now growing rapidly on Facebook.

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The introduction of Facebook reels will help more SMEs and content creators reach a new audience, drive traffic and build amazing communities.

Reels will also show in the users bar and people will get to see your videos whether they follow you or not.

Facebook also introduced reels with a play bonus to reward the biggest creators with a play value. Although this Bonus Program is currently available to creators in the US, Facebook has promised to release it to other countries in the coming months.

Another big advantage of the Facebook reels is that it gives your brand more personality than it has shown formerly. You become more creative and give life to what you’re promoting.

The opportunities reels give your brand is very endless, like the use of AR shots, fun promotions, or sharing the behind the scenes of your product packaging or product process. All those are what gives life to your brand.

Finally, the ROI for video marketing is great for conversion and sales which is built from trust. If pictures already bring conversion and sales, imagine what motion pictures will do for your brand.

Video content is likely to ignite and provoke emotions for your audience. The best part of it is the traffic your brand gets to have and the sales it converts to for you.


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