We recently caught up with the super smart Sophie Mokah, Brand Communications and Fashion Enthusiast.

She is the Chief Creative Officer of Pinq Communications a Brand Communications and Creative Agency.

She is a fashion connoisseur and a lover of all things creative. A Christian, a wife and a mom of two children.

She is currently living with intention and navigating being a business owner and motherhood all at once.

TFA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself

SM: My name is Sophie Mokah, I am a Brand Communications Expert and a Fashionista.

In 2019 I founded Pinq Communications a Brand Communications and Creative Agency.

My agency has different sides to it, it touches every creative part of Marketing – Ibrand.ca.

I have always loved creative arts as a little girl, I grew up with fashion, arts and music. My mom has always been my biggest fashion inspiration.

She ran her own fashion and creative agency too, and that inspired me a lot.

Three years ago, I stumbled on digital marketing while working as a Creative Director for a Fashion Company.

I immediately fit into it, it was like I found the missing piece of the puzzle, and it was easier to merge both knowledge and experience to create masterpieces for my clients.

One of my goals in life is to change lives and transform brands using people focused strategies that genuinely help people and solve everyday problems.

This would make me happy.  I am a happily married mom of two gorgeous children.

I am family oriented but also an advocate for self-care – I mean you have to be mentally strong to care for your family.

So a little me time is highly recommended.

TFA: How do you describe your personal style? Who would you say are your inspirations?

SM: I am an all fashion, trendy and chic kind of girl.

My fashion is a mix of variety ranging from casual to semi-formal, formal, old school, luxurious, girly, sporty and clean- cut professional.

I can wear it all, it all depends on the event, place and time.

I love to accessorize a lot to compliment my outfits, I use belts, scarves, hats and jewelries.

Most times I seem a bit over dressed at functions but I also love being conspicuous so I do not mind the attention Lol.

My mom is my biggest fashion inspiration.

Everything I know now about fashion, I learnt from her.

I watched her dress up, we played dress up, I watched her design things and I just fell in love.

I currently do not have any other fashion inspiration but I pick a little from everyone.

I love to watch runway shows, because that tells you the latest trends and what to look out for the coming year.

TFA: How is the fashion industry in Canada? Does social media and tech have a huge impact in the industry?

SM: Before I moved to Canada, a friend that grew up here told me that once I get to Canada my fashion sense would evaporate Lol.

It was funny at that time and I didn’t believe her, but now I see the reasons why.

First of all, Canada is 100% different from Nigeria where I grew up.

It is one of the coldest countries in the world.

Sometimes fashion literally goes out the window when you are only thinking about staying warm, layering up and not getting the flu.

It is hard to keep up with fashion here, but doing it with intention is the only way to keep up.

When I first moved here, I started researching Canadian fashion.

I found out that three provinces Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are like the fashion hubs of Canada.

So I figured I just moved to a non-fashion hub.

I started attending fashion shows (there are like two fashion shows in Calgary where I live) to have a feel of what fashion looks like here and it sort of informed my own creativity.

I would say the fashion industry is improving in Canada.

Social media and tech has really upped the fashion game in Canada.

Social media is merging the fashion world and designers are springing up in Canada every day.

The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards is a huge impact on the industry.

It is putting Canadian fashion on the map and it has nurtured the love for fashion in more young people.

Retailing aspect is still a bit dicey, because shopping for fashion is really expensive in Canada, so brands find it hard to make profit.

I figured it has to do with taxing goods being imported into Canada (a little bit high), but yeah once that is sorted, fashion will make a huge impact to the Canadian economy.

TFA: What are your favorite social media apps for lifestyle and fashion contents?

SM: Instagram and Pinterest are two of my favorite social media apps when it comes to fashion and lifestyle content.

They both cover every bit of fashion and lifestyle content either in motion or still pictures.

These two social media platforms have been evolving and changing with the times.

You can literally search for anything on Instagram and it gives you a sort of direct connection to your favorite brands.

They carry you on a journey from sketching to actual finished designs which we didn’t have years back.

I also like this new app called Like to Know It – it is a fashion app that links Instagram photos to an app that links the shopping website so you can directly shop any outfit in real time.

TFA: What would be the notable trend for fashion in 2020?

SM: Old school is coming back with a bang.

I know we saw a little bit of old school in 2019 but it is coming in with a bang this year.

I mean just look back at the last fashion shows in 2019, you sort of have an idea where the trend is heading.

We had a lot of neon colors popping up on the runway, we saw a lot of monochromatic looks, puffed sleeves, bold colored suits, leather outfits and prints! Prints!

I am looking forward to all of these and much more.

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