What if there’s some special formula that can help you create a viral video that surprises your audience?

*Stares into the open space*

What if you could discover that special recipe that gets your videos trending over and over again?

I can say for a fact that content creators as well as small business owners have been searching high and low for that magic formula that will cause a transformative change to the way they create and publish videos.

First off, what exactly is a viral video?

Have you come across that video from doggface that went viral on TikTok, and made its way to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook? It was short, sweet and quite creative! His success today is really paying off and we can all agree that viral video changed his life.

Viral videos tend to get attention so very fast and are shared so many times on social media, reaching a massive audience who may never have seen your content before.

In some cases, international publications pick up these viral videos and that is when it starts to spread like wildfire.

So, how can you make a viral video?

Okay! This is the hard but interesting part. Some videos go viral organically, others take a lot of work and planning.

Creating a viral video is like painting.

Having the right colors, making the right strokes are like the important elements to getting it right – but you’ll struggle a few times when starting out.

As you move along, you get better at using your equipment and master it’s uniqueness – the painting starts to come alive till you make a masterpiece.

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#Know your audience

This goes further to say that you should also know what your audience wants. In most cases, businesses create videos to educate their viewers about new launches and features.

What matters is the concept of the video and how it relates to the everyday human.

When you create relatable videos, that resonates so deeply with your audience, you can guarantee the success of that video.

#Focus on one message

Make it simple, clear and concise.

These are the kind of videos that works wonders.

Because when it comes to creating highly sharable content, your message must be clear from the onset.

So before starting, define what your video is all about and focus on getting that message across as distinct as possible.

#User powerful storytelling

Use the power of storytelling to create strong emotional connection. Your video can portray a challenge you’re facing and how you overcame them and got successful.

Viewers can see how you fall, but you stand up and try again.

Through powerful storytelling, it gives viewers the affirmation to keep watching every second.

In summary, your video can present a problem and then showcase a quick solution.

#Keep it short and sweet

You know how they say people on social media have very short attention span? In fact, this study by Microsoft corporation says that the human attention is now less than that of a goldfish.

So this means our attention is increasingly in demand. Literally everyone on the internet is fighting for their share of the human attention.

Just like social media, viral videos are disruptive. Nobody ever goes looking for viral videos on social media.

They simply appear on your feed and grabs your attention. This is why short videos are highly effective.

#Offer value

You need to focus on giving something valuable to your audience. Ensure that every content you put out there is geared towards “giving”.

In everything you share with your audience, go with an attitude to give value, not with an attitude of just getting.

This is the right attitude, right mindset.

Videos with potential to go viral are intrinsically useful to your audience. So whether you’re entertaining, educating or informing, just make sure your videos are super helpful to those who watch it.


Use these secrets to create evergreen video contents.

With serious work, creativity and a dash of luck, you’ll go viral soon and very soon!

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