Four Reasons why Digital Marketing Matters


Why does digital marketing matter so much that everyone has it on blogs, social media, online stores, online ads, emails and more? The truth is consumers are turning ever more to the online marketplace.

Below are four important reasons you should digitally promote your small business. When it comes to making decisions for your business or services, customers now use online research to aid their choices.

  • Did you know 75% of consumers now research businesses online? Five out of every ten will depend on social media or review sites to conduct their research. When prospective clients are looking for you online and your business is not visible, they won’t see you; however, they will see your competitors the possibility of your customers going for your competitors could be high. So endeavor to create a very strong online presence for your business.
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  • Creating SEO related contents is one important tactic that you can adopt for your business. It needs a more flexible approach that can adapt to the constant landscape change, while ensuring that your business methods are data driven and targeted to your key audience.
  • Over 62% of small businesses use digital marketing, which means that you may be in the minority if you do not have a digital marketing strategy for your business. As long as you are not visible to potential customers, they are finding out about your competition, giving them sales instead of you, which becomes a challenge for you by the time you start to notice this.
  • More than ever before, people now have more access to the online world. Online search is already a big part of the customer experience. It looks unlikely that it is going to change; but in fact, it is almost certain the importance of the online market is going to continue to increase tremendously.

In summary, any business that doesn’t tap into the digital marketing space is going to end up losing out on all the awareness, branding and potential return.


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