This past week, we asked a number of people if they had an active LinkedIn profile, only 30% said yes.

Which brings us to the conclusion that a lot of people are missing out massively on the benefits LinkedIn has to offer.

It’s not just about the job prospects, but about building your network and meeting like-minds, prospective business partners, and people of interest.

But today, we’ll be focusing on how you can position yourself to get your dream job on LinkedIn in 2021.

So now, let us go into details:

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  1. Optimizing your profile:

    Follow the steps below to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

    STEP 1: Update your LinkedIn profile picture and header to something more recent and professional
    STEP 2: Include previous roles and state your duties
    STEP 3: Update your LinkedIn header with your current work experience (Some people use this space to include 3-4 of their core expertise – this is pretty much allowed)
    STEP 4: The summary section on your profile is where you give a proper description about yourself. Your educational background, achievements, projects etc. This is basically the section where you sell yourself.
    STEP 5: Keep making necessary tweaks till your profile becomes All-Star.

  2. Start Networking

    Now that your profile is fully optimized, wouldn’t it be nice to start reaching out to like minds in your industry? I bet your answer is yes!

    But how do we do this?
    STEP 1: Send personalized connection requests Why? Because people are more like to accept such requests.
    STEP 2: Engage with your existing connections. Respond to questions, comments, and messages.
    STEP 3: Share relevant and useful content.
    STEP 4: Join strategic groups and share your opinion on popular discussions.
    STEP 5: Show kindness, empathy and be professional in your character.

  3. Tell Your Story

    What is your story? Your stories are your experiences.

    Make it so memorable that it resonates with your audience.

    Your growth journey, lessons learned, are all opportunities to tell a story.

    And the good thing about this is that people naturally respond to stories. So we strongly recommend that you share these things.

    Who knows?! Your story might just inspire someone.

  4. Reach Out

    That’s right!
    On LinkedIn, you don’t wait to be reached out to.

    You have the opportunity to reach out to opportunities rather than waiting and hoping it comes to you.

    You can reach out to HR Managers of prospective businesses or individuals you’ll love to collaborate with.

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    Remember that opportunities are out there. Collaborate, ask questions, and reach out! What’s the worst that could happen?

    One Question for you! Do you currently have an active profile on LinkedIn?

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