Ibukun Joyce, Marketing Lead Burger King
Ibukun Joyce

1. How has your journey been like in Marketing? What has been the good, bad and the ugly?

Marketing for me has been an adventure.  I always try to look at it as a never-ending wave.


Once you cross one wave or tide, you get a small pause and like clockwork on to the other, which can be both exciting but sometimes exhausting if you don’t have the right system working for you or your team.


I’d say the bad was when I worked on a brand as a newbie and didn’t see any growth, no follower growth, email list growth, everything was just stagnant. I was frustrated and unhappy but little did I know that this was building my muscle for being resilient and also trouble shooting for issues. Nothing prepares you for the nerve-racking research and analytics required to drive successful growth on a brand and business.


However, the joy in this is that the benefits of well thought out and impactful marketing are rewarding in the long term.


2. What has been your most successful marketing ideas so far?

I think every idea has been worthy of note, but a recent one my team and I just did was our Valentines campaign – All for Love: an inclusive way to celebrate the Valentine season for everyone – singles, couples and family.


Also building on the “Breakfast” trend and insight, Burger King asked its consumers if they had been served breakfast before aka gotten their hearts broken for a chance to win FREE breakfast for a week on the house. We executed this idea through social media posts but also driving engagement and conversation using Twitter Spaces by sponsoring one of the top trending Breakfast story spaces, hosted by Rayo and Korede with over 1,300 active listeners for 4 hours.


As you know sales are important to the success of our campaign and we did this through 3 special deals for the singles, couples and family. The family deal included a partnership with a kids toy brand and we gifted over 60 free toys to the first 15 families that purchased.


Overall, it was a fun campaign, which taught us a lot and I can confidently say it stood out!


3. Besides marketing, what other things interests you?

Tech, specifically Fintech.


Majorly because I’ve always wanted to grow my money and felt like the information I needed wasn’t always shared within my circle.


Also, my twitter is filled with all sorts of things about payments, savings, stocks and crypto!


I’m all for women getting their money up, diversifying and building wealth.


4. For young adults interested in marketing as a career, how can they begin?

I’d say understudy!


Be the best underdog out there.


Do your research, get curious, seek information. There’s lots of ways to do this – Books, Podcasts, online marketing communities, experienced professionals. For Books, I’m currently reading How Brands Grow – What Marketer’s don’t know.


Another great book is This is Marketing by Seth Godin. For Podcasts, my all-time favorite is CMO Moves. I love listening to interviews, case studies of the greats sharing their knowledge.


There’s also fantastic courses online on different areas in Marketing: Copywriting, Social media management, Paid media buying, Google Ads, etc. I cant leave out events too. If you’re a social bee that likes to meet and interact with people then you may find a lot of value in that.


The best way to track results however is to keep doing! Try new marketing tricks, try new strategies, be creative and let your creative juices flow. Don’t forget to ask for feedback when you can too.


5. In your opinion, what will impact the marketing industry in the next five years?

It’s hard to say. Things are changing quickly. I reckon the high value of consumers attention with new technologies springing up everyday will increase. Today, we are already seeing customers easily unsubscribing from emails, getting slightly offended by excessive In-app notifications and paying less attention to ads.


Also privacy and data sharing regulations may deepen. Marketers would have to get with the times and find better and more creative ways to communicate their brand values beyond “forced marketing”.


I also envision that more marketing software platforms, CRM tools for delivering better results and measuring customer success and experience will emerge! I love this for our eco system and look forward to the incredible growth set to happen soon.


While Marketing in the metaverse is also next level, marketers would need to find the best ways by testing what works to invest in virtual reality, hence the development of new strategies in an evolving world.


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