Google is stepping toward its Meet integration with Gmail today, bringing the videoconferencing platform straightforward into Gmail for iOS and Android.

Individuals who use Gmail on mobile won’t need the devoted Google Meet application to join meetings, and Google has chosen to incorporate Meet as a different, and rather enormous, tab at the bottom of the main Gmail interface.

Maybe you don’t want Google Meet to appear as a tab, at that point you’ll need to turn off the Meet integration in the settings menu.

Google made Google Meet free for everyone towards the end of April, and it has quickly integrated the service into Gmail from that point onward.

As at July ending, iOS and Android users of Gmail have now seen the new Meet tab on their Gmail accounts helping them to rapidly join meetings.

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Google has truly been pushing Meet as a major aspect of Gmail, with huge blue buttons showing up inside new Google Calendar entries.

This new mobile integration is the most recent endeavor to go head on with Zoom, the videoconferencing application that has taken off in fame during the stay at home period.

Both Google and Microsoft have been pursuing Zoom’s prosperity, with new highlights and free services planned to win over Zoom clients.

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