Product marketing and product management are two distinct roles that often get people so confused.

From starting raging debates, to mixing up roles and asking “Who’s job is this?”

Some organizations have done a great job in differentiating the job duties and reducing friction between both job titles.

Let’s clarify the roles

Product marketing is focused on the current products while working on the next products. Think of it as a building mindset – product marketers are either trying to figure out how to sell more of what’s available in the portfolio of current products, or planning to launch new products into the market. This paints the true picture of job responsibility for the product marketer.

Product management is focused on developing new products and future products. They work together with product marketing to plan and launch products. They are also researching and keeping up with trends on what the future will bring. This also paints the big picture of responsibility for the product manager.

Product Marketing vs Product Management
Difference between product management vs product marketing by @thedigitalmay

Product managers focuses on tomorrow. They create and deliver the idea behind future products.

Product marketers focuses on achieving the business goals for current products and give guidance for launching next products.

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Pros of product marketers

Cons of product marketers

Pros of product managers

Cons of product managers

In summary, let us be mindful that product marketing isn’t the same as product management and vice versa.

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