We have watched the rise of internet users over the past decade, Google playing a huge role across major continents of the world to connect millions to the internet for the first time. While you may find yourself in a position to maintain the pace of digital revolution, there is a lot to suggest an optimistic outlook for your business in 2020, but this will depend increasingly on your willingness to adapt and compete with industry players, innovators and tech leaders.

Below are 5 digital marketing trends you should watch out for in 2020:

  1. User Generated Content: While you may be aware that this isn’t new, user-generated content is transforming everything from reviews to information research and discovery. Amateur created content is massive, real and will continue to grow not only in size but also in importance across online platforms and content type. Everyone has an opinion and wants it to be heard! Review sites will also become more important in the marketer’s armory. Many businesses would leverage on UGC to drive brand perception.
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  1. Mobile Apps to replace website: With smartphone rapidly in use, more companies will take heed and employ mobile enterprise applications to effectively mobilize their sales force. Mobile apps will allow many companies manage resources such as inventory and their supply chain using mobile phones, either through SMS or Web-enabled applications. The steady increase in the number of mobile users will continue to fuel this trend.

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  1. Increase in Vlogging: The ever-rising of vloggers and the popularity of video content sharing has changed the dynamics of consumer/brand interaction online. According to a recent survey, over 75% of users on social media say that they are likely to patronize a business if they promote video contents. Sites like YouTube have introduced innovative ways that people can watch and share video content. Facebook has already released the concept of video images for profiles, and many people are already using video as a profile instead of a picture.

  1. The Rise of TikTok: A new contender has entered the arena, most especially for young people, that contender is TikTok. A social media app that allows users to post short lip-synced, music, talent or comedy skits. In 2019, TikTok hit 524 million active users worldwide, while in China, it hit over 150 million daily users and counting – a strong platform for social media marketing. To leverage on this trend, business would now have TikTok accounts to target the right millennial audience with funny and exciting short video contents.
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  1. Focus on AI in Marketing: In 2020, a lot of emphasis would be placed on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence to promote business. For example, the existence of voice search will greatly increase relevance in the online development of search. Online services will now create voice query analysis and rework their content to reflect this development. This would impact user experience when it comes to google searching as voice makes it more easy to communicate what a user is searching for.
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