Video Marketing: An Important Part of SEO

Video Marketing: An Important Part of SEO

Videos have always played an important role in Google ranking and visibility.

For such a long time, organic search results have been showing video thumbnails and this means a higher brand visibility and more website clicks.

So how does video Help SEO?

Now that we are talking about organic visibility for Google rankings, building a strong video marketing strategy is now more important than ever before.

When you search for something on Google, videos now appear all over the search result pages.

You can find rich video elements and even video carousels for every Google search these days.

Apart from increasing your organic visibility, videos have been found to also boost engagement on your site. 

This has been found to be a powerful ranking factor because Google wants its users to visit and like each page that is returned in search results and to continue engaging with the site instead of just leaving immediately.

In other words, if you put a useful video on your site this can indirectly help your Google ranking and get users to like and trust your site.

Some ideas for video content to increase your organic SEO

These actionable ideas will help you to create meaningful video content for your business that would help with everything that we have discussed above. 

  • Collaboration videos: These can be interviews webinars Q&A sessions or even video reviews. For every time you feature someone, that person could be an influencer on your video, you are tapping into their existing community and trust. The beauty of collaborating with people for creating video content is that you can use their authority and thought leadership to generate views and conversations. 
  • Customer videos: Tap into your loyal existing customers by setting up an easy competition, encouraging them to submit unboxing videos, video testimonials, video reviews and offer the rewards to the best efforts. You can also spotlight your customers and recognize their efforts by giving them a shout out. 
  • Host events or webinars:  Every business out there is trying to actively engage their users by hosting webinars or events. These can make great long-form video content that can boost your brand’s SEO ranking and engage potential customers. You can record, organize, monetize and publicize your event.

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Key takeaways:

  • Videos will give you a great deal of visibility on Google’s organic search results.
  • By creating useful video content, you can boost brand awareness.
  • Videos can also improve your site engagement and increase your organic rankings.
  • Examples of video content to add to your content strategy are interviews event and customer videos.
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