We have come to the era where remote work is now the order of the day.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a space for individuals to see working from home as golden.

We are pretty certain that even after the pandemic is over, many people would start looking for ways to work full time from home.

That is why we have come up with 10 platforms to work legitimately and get paid from the comfort of your home.

Got internet?

Got any of the following skills?:

5 Steps to getting a remote job

  1. Update your CV or portfolio with a breakdown of your skills, certifications or projects you’ve handled.
  2. Add links or reviews of past jobs
  3. Create a profile on a website that promotes remote jobs
  4. Make sure the services you offer are timely and effective
  5. Use PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill as to receive payments.


10 Best Sites for Remote Jobs

  1. Freelancer

    Millions of people use Freelancer to turn their ideas into reality. It is such an easy platform to use. Whatever you are: web designer, mobile app developer, virtual assistant, product manufacturer, or even a graphic designer (and a whole lot more).

    With secure payments and thousands of reviewed professionals on this platform, Freelancer.com is the simplest and safest way to get a remote job online.

  2. Virtual Vocations

    Here you can find hundreds and thousands of telecommute, remote and work from home jobs available to experts, professionals, graduates, entry level job seekers and even digital nomads!

    With over 50 different career categories and opportunities whatever lifestyle you’ve got, Virtual Vocations fits it.

    So you can start applying to legitimate and safe telecommute jobs now!

  3. We Work Remotely

    Talking about the largest remote community in the world, We Work Remotely boasts of more than 2.5m monthly visitors and is the #1 destination for finding incredible remote jobs.

    There are programming jobs, design jobs, business & management jobs, customer support jobs, Copywriting jobs etc. Check out We Work Remotely now!

  4. CloudPeeps

    Trusted by over 20,000 clients in over 150 countries, CloudPeeps is unarguably one of the best website for finding perfect on-demand remote jobs.

    One amazing thing about CloudPeeps is that you can build your dream full-service team and do your best work!

    On CloudPeeps, team work makes the dream work!

  5. Workew

    The best jobs to work remotely can be found on Workew.

    Remote jobs in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and anywhere in the world. Where ever you are, find a remote job on Workew and work from the comfort of your home.

  6. SolidGigs

    The best companies in the world are looking for remote workers daily on SolidGigs.

    Why not trade your worst clients and get your dream remote job today.

    On SolidGigs, you get two very important tools that can really help you to build your Freelance Business.

    Because they want your freelance business to succeed, these tools will select the very best of remote jobs for you and provide you quality trainings and necessary skills to help you become a quality candidate.

  7. HubStaff Talent

    Free and easy to use, HubStaff Talent is a resource for global companies looking to find remote talent across the globe.

    No fees, no markups, no middlemen.

    The necessary skills for getting a remote job at HubStaff Talent are; Coding, Marketing, Sales, Design, Multimedia, Database & IT and so much more.

    This is your best shot at giving remote jobs a try!

  8. Contena

    Are you a writer, editor or content or content creator, you are just a few seconds away from applying for remote writing gigs.

    Writing remote jobs are available in Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Tech and other publications.

    What’s your favourite, check them out on Contena!

  9. Remotive

    Interested in Start-up jobs? Remotive is your plug!

    A reliable remote job platform that alerts you when a company posts a job.

    Sign up to get remote job alerts and stay one step ahead.

  10. Outsourcely

    Maybe you are looking for a long-term remote job, Outsourcely is the easiest way to connect talented remote workers from 180+ countries specializing in these skills:
    – Mobile application
    – Website development
    – Administrative support
    – Customer service
    – Writing & Content etc.

    Zero commission fees.
    Get a remote job, get paid!!


We do hope that this list inspires you to getting your dream remote job. If you think this is worth it, share this post and let’s get more people working remotely!

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