Top 10 High Paying Tech Jobs In-demand Now


With the disruption of the technology sector, joining the tech space has never been this timely. Of course, you’ll require certain skills, trainings, certifications and even experiences to take you to that next big tech role. Once you’ve got it all figured out, and decided you’re ready for the next big thing, things seem to […]

How to Influence Other People Successfully


There are certain techniques behind influencing other people. We would be highlighting them so you can use to your advantage. You will gain a leadership mindset that grows with time and turns you into a great influencer. If you want to change and impact other people’s lives, then you need to influence them in a […]

10 Sites for Working Remotely and Getting Paid 2020

10 Platforms for Working Remotely and Getting Paid

We have come to the era where remote work is now the order of the day. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a space for individuals to see working from home as golden. We are pretty certain that even after the pandemic is over, many people would start looking for ways to work full time from […]

Top Digital Marketing Careers in 2020

Top Digital Marketing Careers in 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in supervisory marketing role, or you just got out of university, or you’re looking at being a part of the digital marketing sector, there are endless career possibilities, which means that making a concrete decision on which area of digital marketing you’d like to focus on can be quite challenging. […]