It doesn’t matter whether you’re in supervisory marketing role, or you just got out of university, or you’re looking at being a part of the digital marketing sector, there are endless career possibilities, which means that making a concrete decision on which area of digital marketing you’d like to focus on can be quite challenging.

When choosing any job or position, it is critical to weigh all possibilities – the advantages, the disadvantages, the benefits, and the availability of the position.

Nonetheless, specialist in digital marketing are so much in luck!


Because there is currently a high demand for experienced digital marketers.

The truth is, digital marketing is highly lucrative, with the constant need for skilled professionals raising wages and the evidence of top-notch digital marketing strategies that have been generating massive profits for organizations and small business owners.

Top Digital Marketing Careers in 2020

Characteristics of a Successful Digital Marketer

Indeed, a lot of people believe that marketing professionals are very creative.

There are quite a number of traits that make digital marketers successful in their various roles.

Some of the most critical characteristics that any digital marketer must possess are:

  1. Entrepreneurial mindset: One important skills of a digital marketing is having the ability of taking charge of your own future.As many careers are involved in adapting to a digital landscape, digital marketers keep teaching themselves the necessary expertise to create outstanding digital marketing strategies whenever an issue occurs.
  2. Dependability: Digital marketers are often tasked with hitting social media goals or creating successful digital marketing strategy. They must be able to deliver.If you’re the type of person that loves working towards achieving set goals and getting your work done in a timely manner, then a career in digital marketing is probably for you.
  3. Flexibility: Everything in digital marketing moves at an immeasurable speed and change is the only constant thing you can bank on.In order to have the best career in digital marketing, you need to be receptive to change and enjoy the unpredictable nature of the industry.
  4. Problem solving: As digital experts, you are at the front line of advancement.
    There will be times when you are faced with challenges that haven’t been solved before.You need to be someone who plans and sets realistic goals, but also have the expertise and mindset to adjust to whatever comes your way.Have it at the back of your mind that you should always be focused on how to improve and do things more effectively.
  5.  Creativity: Digital marketers usually have a strong background in creating designs and copy writing.A very important part of digital marketing is creativity and innovation, and both are equally important as any other quality.Keeping up with your competition is good, but coming up with something way better and different with each and every project is better.


Digital Marketing Careers

As stated above, digital marketing is in high demand for organizations and brands.

Digital marketers who choose to specialize in any area of interest are more likely to embark on a career path that is quite meaningful to them.

The following roles are some of the top digital marketing careers for digital marketing professionals looking to specialize in 2020 and beyond:

  1. User Experience Designer: User experience designers (UX designers) oversee the creation of fantastic use experiences of products online and services that are digital.
    As the engagement of users online is increasing, users are prone to staying longer on website or apps.User experience designer must create experiences that keeps the users glued.

    From the design interface of web pages, to how customers interact with support.

    UX designers are an integral part of any digital marketing strategy

    The average salary earned by a user experience designer in the Canada is C$62,511.

  2. SEO Specialists: An SEO specialist has the expertise in search engine optimization.SEO specialists work to create implementable strategies that move websites on top of Google’s search engine result.This eventually increases the number of leads to the website.

    An SEO specialist must always think of technical and strategic ways of solving complex web issues.

    The average salary earned by a SEO Specialist in the Canada is C$48,847.

  3. Content Creator: Talking about digital marketing careers, content creators are able to use creative elements to come up with outstanding contents.Content is the most valuable asset of any marketing strategy, and content strategists create the processes for how content will reach customers and when.

    The average salary earned by a content creators in the Canada is C$40,483.

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