With the disruption of the technology sector, joining the tech space has never been this timely. Of course, you’ll require certain skills, trainings, certifications and even experiences to take you to that next big tech role.

Once you’ve got it all figured out, and decided you’re ready for the next big thing, things seem to be set in motion, then it is time to give it a shot.

But first, what are those tech roles you really should look out for in 2021 and beyond?

We’ve made a list of some of the highest paying tech jobs that are hot right now.

Grab a seat my friend!

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Tech jobs that are high-paying at the moment

10. Senior Web Developer

The development of web-based applications, and management of web properties are usually carried out by the Senior Web Developer. In addition to providing technical support to website administrators, they also work with different kinds of content management systems. The average yearly salary for this role is $88,000.

9. Mobile Applications Developer

Your smartphone is an indication of how mobile applications are pretty much in-demand. This profession requires the experience to develop applications on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows etc. Experience in coding, mobile and development languages are essential skills. The average yearly salary for this role is $96,000.

8. DevOps Engineer

This profession is the focal point for closing the gap between engineering and coding. They handle Artificial Intelligent initiatives within an organization, and also improve IT systems. As with most IT roles, DevOps engineers need to be familiar with coding languages, machine learning, neural networks and how other similar technologies work. Average yearly salary is about $99,000.

7. Product Marketing Manager

The product manager role is very essential to the development and conceptualization of a product, from start to finish. Even after that, the product marketing manager is responsible for planning the launch of the product, using product management tools, building and managing product portfolio, as well as implementing other marketing activities. Average yearly salary is over $100,000.

6. Big Data Engineer

This is one tech role that is really in-demand right now. Companies are actively seeking big data professionals who can transform raw data in large quantities into actionable information for setting strategy, decision making and innovative ideas. Big data engineers usually have skillsets in mathematics, analytics and databases. Average yearly salary for this role is $103,000.

5. Full Stack Developer

This tech profession is so versatile, it is difficult to actually pin down what they actually do. Both front-end and back-end development, designing and building APIs, and making sure the code that has been created are intact, correct and responsive – these are just a few areas that are covered by a full stack developer. Average yearly salary for this profession is $106,000.

4. Cloud Engineer

This tech profession are for people who are experts in cloud software and hardware. They are responsible for deploying and overseeing the day-to-day support of cloud services. Candidates with a strong background in security, server infrastructure, analytical and problem-solving skills are a plus. Average salary for a cloud engineer is $107,000 per year.

3. Data Scientist

Undoubtedly one of the tech jobs in high demand today. In the last decade, there has been an unprecedented increase in data scientists, and this is just the beginning. 95% of businesses in the world needs a data scientist, which makes it one of the highest paying tech jobs at $113,000 salary per year.

2. Data Warehouse Architect

What does a data warehouse architect do? They simply store information that a business acquires from internal and external sources to make wise business decisions. This person is also tasked with the responsibility for designing the storage capacity for that information to be securely stored. Average yearly salary for this role goes for $118,000.

1. Software Engineering Manager

The highest-paying tech role goes to the Software engineering managers, and some cases, developers. They carry out and oversee new computer software while improving on existing computer programs. They constantly find solutions to any software issues that might pose a threat to businesses. This tech role gets an average salary of $131,000 every year.

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