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By Victoria Oladipo


For many brands, marketing is not essential because they believe that they have good products and that those products will market themselves. A good product and great marketing give a better brand positioning than a good product without marketing.


One of the greatest myths is that good products will sell and market themselves but if that is your brand’s strategy, you are setting yourself up for failure. Good products won’t get the interaction and conversions you want to track. What will give that to you is marketing.


For example, YouTube has over 122 million active users daily and still uses influencer marketing and television commercials to push its product and improve the experience. That is a great product that knows that it doesn’t sell itself. 




Before answers can be provided to this question, what should a good product be defined as? One thing we should all know is that every great product has the power to solve our issues and a unique method of contributing to our daily lives through its functions. No one has ever paid for a product that would not give them the kind of service that they needed from the product.


Again, it is important to note that your product is not the only product that provides the same service or that solves the same problem that your product intends to solve. What distinguishes your product from the other products in the market? How you show that difference is through marketing and it’s how you get your value proposition. 


Also, who determines if a product is good if it has not been tested in the market? A quality product is determined by its users, and it is done through marketing. While a product might seem great from production, it is impossible to conclude that it will sell itself if it is not marketed. There is a need for demand to be created, and this demand is created by effective marketing strategies that would put the product in the face of the audience.


Finally, marketing is present in every product and is an intrinsic element of it. Even if the job of marketing isn’t always evident, every product is designed for a certain group of customers whose demands must be considered. This is marketing’s most important function.


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