Why You Need to Invest in Marketing: Read Our Top 5 Reasons.

“Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.” Milan Kundera   As a business owner or aspiring business owner, there’s a good chance you come in contact with marketing-related content every day. More people, especially entrepreneurs like you, are realizing the importance of marketing and grabbing the bulls by the horn.  The reason is […]

The Fifth Alley and Skillup Africa Announce Strategic Partnership

The Fifth Alley and Skillup Africa are happy to announce a partnership to host an exclusive webinar that is aimed at providing knowledge to young professionals that will like to explore their interest in the Tech community but do not have a background in Tech.   The partnership combines The Fifth Alley’s experience in corporate […]

5 Tips For Building Stronger Client Relationships.

Smiling Online Clients

  Building a strong relationship with your clients goes beyond good marketing.   Without a solid client base to support your efforts, you’ll find it hard to make money and keep growing – and that can be devastating for any small business owner who’s trying to start off on the right foot.   When you […]

#FifthGems: Meet Feranmi Okafor, A Growth Marketer & Founder of Tech Marketers Hub.

  1. Would you mind sharing briefly your experience with Marketing? I’ve worked in marketing for three years. During that time I’ve worked at the intersection of growth and communications across a number of products. Now, I currently work within the digital technology space. I’m also the founder of Tech Marketers Hub.   2. It […]

Why SMES Should Focus on Building Communities


By Victoria Oladipo   The way to foster relationships and encourage conversations about your brand is by building a community. The importance of building communities is to bring all your followers to one place and also make it possible for your audience to chat with like-minded people.    People who are part of your brand […]

Can A Good Product Market Itself?

Good product

By Victoria Oladipo   For many brands, marketing is not essential because they believe that they have good products and that those products will market themselves. A good product and great marketing give a better brand positioning than a good product without marketing.   One of the greatest myths is that good products will sell and […]

5 Things To Avoid in Social Media Marketing

  By Victoria Oladipo   With social media marketing, it is always exciting to put out your products or services. As much as this excitement occurs, it is also important to note that not everything is suitable for your brand. You would need to sieve what you want from what you don’t have to do […]

5 Branding Tips Your SME Needs

By Victoria Oladipo   5 Branding Tips Your SME needs   When it comes to branding, what many people believe is that it should be left to only big brands. What they do not know is that branding is what makes brands go from small to being the big names they now bear.   At […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Content

  By Victoria Oladipo   Content is basically anything produced with the aim of informing, educating, instructing or entertaining an audience. Unless otherwise stated, content is not restricted to ‘texts’ only. It could also be in form of audios, videos, pictures, etc. As long as it educates, informs or entertains.   Before we delve into […]