New Update: Snapchat launches Free Advertising Certification Course for Businesses

New Update: Snapchat launches Free Advertising Certification Course for Businesses

Isn’t it exciting that we are seeing more from Snapchat? Since the COVID 19 pandemic, Snapchat has been dishing out some useful resources to help people in these trying times. Recently from Snapchat was the launching of a mental health resource center – “Here for You“, a psychological well-being resource center to help individuals encountering […]

Free Google Ads for Local Businesses till September 2020

Free Google Ads for Local Businesses till September 2020

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the term ‘Google Maps‘. I mean, you probably use it every day. From now, till September 2020, small and medium size businesses like restaurants, cafes, bookstores etc. will now be highlighted on Google Maps as a new square-shaped pins. This feature is part of Google’s Smart campaigns, targeted at helping […]

WhatsApp Update: A New Payment Feature for Users in Brazil

WhatsApp Brings New Payment Feature to Users in Brazil

There’s been quite some rumors that WhatsApp was going to release some updates similar to WeChat. At first, it was just a rumor. But now, it’s finally here! The most recent WhatsApp update now permits users in Brazil to send and get cash through the instant messaging application. Money can be paid either to individual […]

Blessing Abeng: How Disha is Empowering an Ecosystem of Creators

Blessing Abeng: How Disha is Empowering an Ecosystem of Creators

We had the pleasure of interviewing Blessing Abeng, CMO & Co-founder of Disha, a platform that helps creators build a one-page site in minutes from their smartphones. She is a branding and communications expert dedicated to helping creators identify their value, and unique point of view. Blessing helps brands communicate with their team, target audience, […]

Facebook Launches New Updates for Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp

Facebook has launched Messenger Rooms, a team video calling service that permits you to make a virtual Room directly from Messenger or Facebook and invite anybody to join, even the individuals who don’t have a Facebook account. The messenger rooms have no time limits and will be able to accommodate up to 50 individuals. To […]

10 Sites for Working Remotely and Getting Paid 2020

10 Platforms for Working Remotely and Getting Paid

We have come to the era where remote work is now the order of the day. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a space for individuals to see working from home as golden. We are pretty certain that even after the pandemic is over, many people would start looking for ways to work full time from […]

Everything You Need to Know about the UK Points-Based Immigration Program

Everything you need to know about the new UK Immigration Policy

I’m sure we have all heard about the new UK Visa points based immigration system that is due to be implemented from 1 January 2021.  According to Legal Expert and Director of Workpermit, Sanwar Ali, ”There are numerous criticisms of the new UK visa points based system, one of which is, If low skilled workers are […]

REVEALED: 5 Digital Marketing Trends for Your Business in 2020

We have watched the rise of internet users over the past decade, Google playing a huge role across major continents of the world to connect millions to the internet for the first time. While you may find yourself in a position to maintain the pace of digital revolution, there is a lot to suggest an […]

Canadian Ecologist, John Lieber, talks about sustainability and environmental change.

We had the opportunity and pleasure to interview the highly knowledgeable and delightful John Lieber. In addition to being an ecologist and urban planner, John is a LEED AP (BD+C) and ISA Certified Arborist. He has participated in wide range of environmental planning project across all sectors. He is currently working with the City of Toronto but […]